Our story

C.W. Dodge realized the power of cork in 1869 when he formed the Dodge Cork Company and relocated to Lancaster, PA. the gateway to the West.  Here Dodge Cork manufactured the corks used in casks, jars and jugs for the westward movement.  Cork has been used as a sealer in bottles, flasks, and containers not only of wines but also beer, spices, oils, liquors and other beverages and foods since cork stoppers were fully accepted as the preferred option for wine closures with the invention of the corkscrew in the early 1700's.  Harvesting the benefits of wood without harming a tree has remained Dodge Cork's passion for more than 150 years and six generations.  Cork is and always will be at the core of who we are as a company and what we do as responsible inhabitants of earth.

Our History

"The best assurance of good quality cork, like that of good wine, is the skill and integrity of the maker."

First Cork Factory

George W. Dodge purchased a small cork factory in Bennington, Vermont, thus establishing the Dodge name with the natural cork industry.

Relocated to Lancaster

In 1876, G.W. Dodge & Sons moved their entire operation to Lancaster, PA, a center of skilled labor, nearby ports and good rail facilities to the west.

Dodge Cork Founded

B.G. Dodge's son, Arthur B. Dodge re-establishes the Dodge name and forms the Dodge Cork Company. 

Cork Flooring & Tiles

In 1946, under A.B. Dodge's guidance, Dodge Cork was the first company in the world to develop the production of composite cork cylinders, cork and rubber, and vinyl coated cork floor tile.  By 1962, the Dodge Cork company was producing one million square feet of cork floor tiles per month.

Changing of the Guard

In 1989, Mrs. Dodge, wife of Arthur Jr. assumed the position of CEO, of the Dodge Cork Company where she continued to cultivate and nurture the original family business while the Dodge brothers continued to work, grow and develop other areas.

Dodge Cork Relaunch

We're getting back to our roots and celebrating our heritage by focusing on what has been at the core of our family and business for more than 150 years and six generations, handcrafted cork since 1869.  Our mission is to introduce a new generation and new emerging markets to the benefits and art of cork and cork harvesting as a sustainable craft and passion for both people and the planet.

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