About Dodge Cork

With the onset of industrialization and western migration in the U.S., there was an increased demand for cork closures.  Since Lancaster, Pa. was known as the gateway city for this migration.  G.W. Dodge and his son, B.G. Dodge went on to grow their business into the second-largest cork company in America.  In 1985

cork stoppers

Cork has been used since antiquity as a stopper for bottles. No other stopper combines cork's inert nature, impermeability, flexibility, sealing ability and resilience.

A cork stopper of the proper size will act as an effective barrier to leakage of seepage of liquids.

Cork, being a natural product, is also environmentally friendly, renewable and recyclable.

Dodge cork offers a number of different types of products including stoppers, closures and plugs for a variety of applications. Contact us to find out how we can help you or buy online today!.