About Dodge Cork

With the onset of industrialization and western migration in the U.S., there was an increased demand for cork closures.  Since Lancaster, Pa. was known as the gateway city for this migration.  G.W. Dodge and his son, B.G. Dodge went on to grow their business into the second-largest cork company in America.  In 1985


Composition cork is a multipurpose product with a variety of uses such as bulletin board, wall coverings, crafts and the list goes on. How will you use it? Only you can decide!

Cork Bulletin Board & Cork Wall Covering

Wall cork is made from cork granules and bonded by resin. Composition cork may be painted, stained, or silk-screened. It can be used for:

• cork boards

· dartboard backer
· DIY, craft projects

• bulletin boards
• pin-up boards
• wall coverings


Available in standard 48" width rolls with a thickness of 1/4", 1/2" or 3/8"

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