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With the onset of industrialization and western migration in the U.S., there was an increased demand for cork closures.  Since Lancaster, Pa. was known as the gateway city for this migration.  G.W. Dodge and his son, B.G. Dodge went on to grow their business into the second-largest cork company in America.  In 1985

Agglomerated stoppers

Whether you call it a Jar cork, Plug, Bung, Carboy or Agglomerated - Dodge Cork Company's composition cork stoppers are small pieces of natural cork, compressed and bound together into a single stopper. These food grade cork stoppers come in varying sizes (20-48) are washed and assorted into different grades. Because of the process these corks go through they are extremely consistent and cost effective solution, all Dodge Cork products meet or exceed industry standards.

Looking for larger quantities? Other sizes? Other cork products? If you can't find it on our site, just send us a message. We have over 5 million cork products in stock.

What size is right for your needs? Typically, we recommend measuring the inside diameter of the opening of the hole you wish to fill then select the cork with the largest BOTTOM diameter smaller than your inside diameter of your item. - tapered cork sizing chart --

See a list below of some potential uses:

•  Construction supply: end plug for drilling
•  Laboratory use:  glassware
•  Home brew
•  Jug sealing
•  Carboys
•  DIY: arts and crafts
•  Replacement stopper for a non-cork stopper

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