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With the onset of industrialization and western migration in the U.S., there was an increased demand for cork closures.  Since Lancaster, Pa. was known as the gateway city for this migration.  G.W. Dodge and his son, B.G. Dodge went on to grow their business into the second-largest cork company in America.  In 1985

Our Passion

Cork, A story about
passion and love.

As a sixth generation family business, Dodge Cork embodies the entrepreneurship of our founders and the dedication to our craft. Dodge Cork is a story about passion and love. Cork emboldens the flavor of our most coveted wines, seals our homemade preserves and inspires our arts and crafts projects. The love of the land is supported by the eco-farming of the cork oak tree as a time honored commitment to sustainability. Please let us know how we can assist you with your cork needs as we celebrate 147 years in business.

Cork Attributes

The name Dodge and Cork have been synonymous since 1871. The relaunch of Dodge Cork Company is founded on the need to streamline the sourcing of cork stoppers, plugs and closures.

- Responsible

Over half the extracted cork is used in the manufacture of all types of stoppers, the rest being used in other applications.  Thus, the cork and wine industries share the same responsibility;  not only do they maintain a key economic activity but also contribute to the visibility of the cork oak forest.

- Sustainable

Cork's sustainability is based on biology and is incontestable, recognized by the World Wildlife Fund, the Rainforest Alliance, and other environmental organizations.  The bark is harvested without damage to the tree, which after harvesting immediately begins to grow new bark.  After nine years the bark is ready to be harvested again.

- Unique

Just like cork stoppers, Dodge Cork is unlike any other cork company, operating today.  We pride ourselves on providing extraordinary customer service, product knowledge, technical expertise, and a commitment to sustainable products.  We have carried on the unique craft of harvesting the benefits of the wood without harming a tree.

Our story

our story and
family heritage.

GW Dodge recognized the value of cork in 1871 when he formed the Dodge Cork Company in Berlin, NY. Having secured the Gulden’s Mustard account, GW imported corks used in casks, jugs and bottles. Recognizing the importance of being closer to a seaport and requiring a stable workforce led GW to Lancaster, PA in the early 1880’s. GW built a 450,000 square foot manufacturing facility staffed by over 600 employees to service the growing demand for cork. Over the next 125 years, Dodge Cork continued to supply a wide variety of corks to commercial accounts. With the relaunch of Dodge Cork, consumers may now purchase directly from a company dedicated to providing extraordinary customer service, product knowledge and technical expertise.

Our History

"The best assurance of good quality cork, like that of good quality wine, is the skill an integrity of the maker."

First Cork Factory

George W. Dodge purchased a small factory in Bennington, Vermont, thus establishing the Dodge name with the natural cork industry.

Relocate to Lancaster

In 1876, G.W. Dodge & Sons moved their entire operation to Lancaster, PA a center of skilled labor, nearby ports and good rail facilities to the west.

Dodge Cork Founded

B.G. Dodge's son, Aurthur B. Dodge re-establishes the Dodge name and forms the Dodge Cork Company.  He

Cork Flooring & Tiles

In 1946, under A.B. Dodge's guidance, Dodge Cork was the first company in the world to develop the production of composite cork cylinders, cork and rubber, and vinyl coated cork floor tile.  By 1962, the Dodge Cork company was producing one million square feet of cork floor tiles per month.

Changing of the guard

In 1989, Mrs. Dodge, wife of Arthur Jr. assumed the position of CEO, of the Dodge Cork Company where she continued to cultivate and nurture the original family business while the Dodge brothers continued to work, grow and develop other areas.

Dodge Cork Relaunch

We're getting back to our roots and celebrating our heritage by focusing on what has been at the core of our family and business for more than 150 years and six generations, handcrafted cork since 1869.

Our Mission is to introduce a new generation and new cork harvesting as a sustainable craft and passion for both people and the planet.

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