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cork flooring in a church

Church, showing classic Dodge Cork tiles in various shades.

Cork Flooring

Clean and simple - one pattern available in a variety of finishes makes Dodge Cork a classic.

Used by designers and architects for over 60 years, this design staple has been specified in applications requiring comfort under foot, acoustical control, durability and resiliency.

Cork floor tiles are produced from cork granules agglutinated with synthetic resins and baked under heat and pressure. The moisture content within the cork granules, the duration of the baking process, and the temperature used, controls the shading of cork tiles. Each production will yield a mixture of light, medium and dark colored tiles. The natural shading of cork tiles allows designers unlimited creativity.

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Dodge Cork Products are manufactured in Portugal in accordance with USA specifications and regulations.


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Dodge Cork, founded in Lancaster, PA in 1926, supplies cork floor and cork underlayment, cork stoppers, as well as speciality items such as cork placemats, trivets, and composition cork rolls for wall covering and bulletin board. Dodge Cork is the original sustainable, environmentally friendly flooring.